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101 in 1,001

Start: June 1, 2012
End: Feb. 27, 2015

Goals in italics are in progress.
Goals crossed out are completed.
Comments are in blue. 

Personal development. (28)

  1. Find out my blood type.
  2. Read 10 books. [0/10]
  3. Go an entire week without swearing.
  4. Get married. 8-24-2013!
  5. Get pregnant. (Yes, this one comes AFTER the previous one, of course…)
  6. Adopt a pet.
  7. Organize finances with a financial planner and CPA.
  8. Meet 3 Twitter/Blog friends in real life. [0/3]
  9. Get Pat on the back of a horse. In Montana, and I have pics so it happened.
  10. Join a church.
  11. Start my blog/finish designing it. Now just have to stay on top of posting. :P
  12. Blog 1x/week for 3 months. [0/12]
  13. Maintain my blog for the length of the 1,001 days.
  14. Get a facial.
  15. Be better at seeing my dad’s side of my family. (Weddings or funerals don’t count!) [0/5]
  16. Try 5 new types of food that I normally wouldn’t. [0/5]
  17. Throw a kickass wedding.
  18. Manage not to create any rifts/offend anyone/kill anyone during the planning of said kickass wedding.
  19. Have a 4-month emergency savings fund established by the end of the 1,001 days.
  20. Get some awesome cowboy boots.
  21. Make a 101 list with Pat or get him (or someone else) to do one. [I was told by a former college classmate that he was working on one…]
  22. Celebrate our first wedding anniversary.
  23. Keep tabs on my credit score.
  24. Make new friends. (friend = someone I can call up to chat) [0/3]
  25. Catch up with old friends that I’ve lost touch with. [0/2]
  26. Work with Pat to build a better budget system, change it as our need evolve, and stick to whatever form it takes. Evaluate success at the end of each month [9/34] So far, so good…
  27. Work on my social anxiety and become a better conversationalist.
  28. Create a new 101 in 1,001 when this list is complete.

Giving more of myself. (9)

  1. Support Pat to help him reach his goal of losing weight. We’ve joined a gym and both have trainers, now I just gotta get there more…
  2. Support my mom and encourage her to quit smoking. She says she did it. We’ll check back again in a few months.
  3. Buy flowers for others (besides for my mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day). [0/3]
  4. Register as a bone marrow donor.
  5. Donate blood.
  6. Donate clothes I don’t wear 1x/year. [1/4] Attended a FABULOUS clothing swap at my friend Mary’s apartment. Everything that didn’t get claimed got given to a charity in town. Awesome!
  7. Volunteer.
  8. Write and send handwritten “thank you”s (that aren’t for a shower or gift). [0/12]
  9. Donate to causes that are near and dear to people who are near and dear to me. [0/5]

Workin’ on my skillz. (24)

  1. Learn to jump (of the horse variety). I can jump now! I’m not the best but I’ve done it and really like it!
  2. Learn to play my dad’s guitar.
  3. Become a better French speaker (get to a conversational level).
  4. Get my own mallet and helmet. Woohoo! Got the mallet.
  5. Get my own saddle.
  6. Take 12 dance classes of any style. [0/12]
  7. Take a class/workshop in photography.
  8. Take a class/workshop in floral design.
  9. Ride my bike to work 3 times (this may change if my work location changes). [0/3]
  10. Be able to do a proper (at least) 90* arabesque on both sides.
  11. Play in a polo tournament. Played in a women’s tournament in 2013 – we got 4th of 4 teams, but I scored once and I survived!
  12. Win a polo tournament.
  13. Be able to do the splits again.
  14. Try ballroom dance.
  15. Document one entire month with pictures (with photoaday or on my own).
  16. Learn to grill.
  17. Run 5k. (maybe not in an organized race, but be able to run 5k without passing out).
  18. Do a biking event.
  19. Stay involved in fireworks by doing more shows. [1/10]
  20. Learn to drive stick shift.
  21. Learn to change my oil.
  22. Learn to change a tire.
  23. Learn basic bartending skills (at least how to make a few different drinks).
  24. Complete CodeAcademy’s javascript course.

Domestic Goddess-ness. (10)

  1. Host dinner parties. [0/3]
  2. Organize all of our files into a system and stick to it.
  3. Scrapbook my high school years.
  4. Plant some flowers or veggies/herbs (and keep them alive!).
  5. Buy a house.
  6. Try something from Pinterest (recipe, decorating idea, craft) at least 1x/month. [9/34] Check out my “My Takes” board for things I’ve tried, with my comments on how it went added. Includes: Ricotta Gnocchi, Healthy(er) General Tso’s Chicken, Citrus Flavored Water.
  7. Cook 10 meals by myself, with no help/intervention from Pat. [2/10]
  8. Create a picture/art wall above the couch in our living room.
  9. Fill my frames with photos and put them up around our house.
  10. Sell our stuff-that-never-got-unpacked on Ebay.

Work life. (10)

  1. Come up with at least 1 (2 would be better) somewhat developed idea of what I’d like to do if I had the opportunity to have my own business.
  2. Do 5 (paid) freelance projects. [1/5] This is on hold/eliminated. My current employer doesn’t allow freelancing – which I can’t say I’m upset about. When would I have time anyway? Lol
  3. Create and give a social media training for co-workers. I made social media part of the onboarding process at GS and provided it to at least 10 new employees.
  4. Design and print my own planner pages for my Arc notebook.
  5. Successfully launch social media for the company I’m currently work for. Social media live as of October 2012.
  6. Serve on boards and/or become a member of professional organizations. [1/5; PRSA member]
  7. Redesign my mom’s website. Okay, so she hired someone to do it, but at least I got her to do that.
  8. Find a mentor.
  9. Attend a professional conference about PR, social media, etc. PR + SM Summit 2012
  10. Get art and accessories to decorate my office.

Adventures & Escapades. (18)

  1. Pick my own raspberries.
  2. Ride the Elroy-Sparta bike trail.
  3. Try water skiing.
  4. Go to a Packer game.
  5. Go skiing.
  6. Travel to at least 5 states I’ve never been to (I’ve been to 13 – WI, IL, MN, OH, KY, NY, CT, FL, CO, MI, IN, IA, AZ). [2/5] July 2012 – Added to the list North Dakota and Montana!
  7. Go to NYC and see a show.
  8. Travel out of the country. [1/2] Honeymoon in St. Lucia!
  9. Sit against the glass at a hockey game.
  10. Go to Disneyworld with Pat and make up for his crappy childhood vacation.
  11. Spend a day re-exploring Milwaukee.
  12. Go on a zip line tour. In St. Lucia!
  13. Go rock climbing – on actual rocks, not in a gym.
  14. Go shooting. Got to shoot a rifle at Pat’s grandpa’s ranch, but I’d like to get to go to a range someday, too.
  15. Go ice skating with Pat.
  16. Participate in a lazer tag tournament.
  17. Go to more concerts. [1/3] Miranda Lambert at WI State Fair on 8/12/13
  18. See more theater. [0/5]

Current total = 28+9+24+10+10+18=99 (2 left)

I’ve left myself two empty goals because frankly I just couldn’t think of anymore right now and later inspiration might strike.

Making this list was really fun and I think I even learned a few things about myself and how my priorities have changed as I’ve gone from college student to “young professional” and soon-to-be wife. If you want to do your own list, check out Day Zero Project for goal ideas. Once I get a little more organized I’ll try to link up with other bloggers who have taken on the 101 in 1,001 challenge. If you have a list, link to it below in the comments!