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Hello World. It’s been a while.

When I said lots has been going on in my last post I really wasn’t kidding. Fast forward two months and there has been a new thing crossed off my 101 in 1,001 list, a decision on our honeymoon, an accident, engagement pictures, a new car, applying for a new job, a trip to South Dakota, a trip to Arizona, an offer for that new job, and a crazy two weeks finishing up at the old job. I’ve been writing thoughts down intermittently but haven’t gotten the chance to finish any posts – but I promise to change that.

Today we are going to head out to shop for suits for the guys – fingers crossed this place has one that is a style we like, a fit we like, AND can come in all the needed sizes for our guys. I definitely thought the suit process would be easier than this – aren’t the GIRLS supposed to be the difficult ones to dress?! That was easy peasy.

Also, this afternoon is my bridal shower! It definitely feels weird. I haven’t had the “this shit just got real” moment regarding the whole wedding yet, but I feel like I’m on the verge. I did think that I would be super anticipating my bridal shower, going out and buying a new dress especially for the occasion and just basking in the bridal glow and joy – that hasn’t really happened, but I also think the stress of changing jobs (spoiler: the new job is mine) could be affecting that. As well, I always imagined my bridal shower would be on a bright and sunny day, but today’s not only going to be rainy, but thunderstorms are forecasted for the entire afternoon. Oh well. Let’s hope this weather karma means that the wedding day will be gorgeous in exchange. :)

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