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The Final Countdown to Mrs!

Only five days left until I become a Mrs.! I’m excited, but I will admit it hasn’t fully hit me yet. There’s still lots to do before then and I’m sure I’ll be caught up in all of that until the day before or even that morning.

I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now change your Facebook status to married.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now change your Facebook status to married.”

I wanted to ask my fellow modern women out there – what do you do about your changing to your married surname when it comes to social media? I’ve always known I would want to take my husband’s name, but I guess I never considered that when creating my twitter, gmail, instagram, and every other social media and website account possible because I most commonly use Srlaupan (my first initial, middle initial and last name). I kinda screwed myself there, didn’t I? :)

I currently have a unique last name, so it’s always been easy to secure usernames with it. However, I’m now changing to a much more common last name – Doran. And combined with my ULTRA common first name, I had a hard time finding a username that was available that I liked.

I admit that a while back when we first got engaged I went out and parked two options for Gmail and Twitter – sarahrosedoran and sarahrdoran. The second one is shorter (by 3 characters) but I do like using my first and middle name. I’ve tried coming up with a more unique, evergreen username based on just my first and middle names so I could change over BEFORE we got married (one less thing to think about this week/right after the wedding would have been nice), but I couldn’t come up with anything that wasn’t taken.

I’m not too worried about my SEO, because I don’t own my own business, I haven’t done too much freelance work and I’ve only “been around” for a few years. But for women business owners and those that have worked long and hard to establish their personal brand, I can’t imagine having to make the decision about not changing at all, changing over personally but not professionally, or changing over completely and losing a bit of their hard earned SEO/name recognition.

How did you/do you plan on handling a married name change in this world of SEO and social media identities?

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