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Dear Apartment Management…

Dear Mr. or Ms. Apartment Manager,

Why, if you post that you close at 6pm, do you close earlier? And why do you hold my packages hostage as a result? If you’re going to leave early, the nice thing you could do is at least leave a note on the door apologizing for the fact that you thought whatever you had to leave work early for was so important – the rest of the world at least sets up an out of office message if they’re out during their normal business hours that people get when they try to contact them to do their job…why don’t you? I had somewhere else to be tonight, and I have a lot of work to do. I could have stayed at work until I needed to leave to go where I’m headed tonight, but no – I left early to be able to stop at your office, just in time (I thought) to pick up my packages before you closed. But nope, I was there at 5:57pm and door was shut and locked, and sadly I could see my packages just inside the door, sitting sadly and lonely, outside of my reach.

Hostage packages’ rightful owner and grumpy tenant

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