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The House Hunt: Part 2 – Mourning and Moving On…

So that perfect, wonderful, awesome dream house that took us by surprise? Yeah, we missed out on it. Pat had been “thawing” and was showing more and more interest in the house as the week started. By Wednesday I asked my mom if she thought we should inquire to the agent, since I hadn’t seen an accepted offer notice go up on the listing – and believe me, I was checking it about 5x/day. She said calling them might show our hand if we weren’t totally set yet to put an offer out, and give them the chance to notify anyone else that was in our same position, which could start a bidding war situation. So I told her to wait. Well, she didn’t. Because she’s my mom.

She called the agent and he said they had already accepted an offer. I was pissed grumpy because I was SURE I hadn’t missed an accepted offer notice being posted with my obsessive listing watching. :) According to rules that, like…govern realtors and stuff (?), you only have 24 or 48 hours (can’t remember which now) to mark a listing with “under contract” after an offer has been accepted. It took him almost a week for that notice to go up, and after we inquired! – so I centered my anger and bitterness on him for that. I felt almost like there really wasn’t an accepted offer and he was lying to us, maybe to give buyers he was working with longer to put together an offer – something that would give him the whole commission instead of just half and is completely unethical to do. But Pat and I were bigger people and refrained from filing a complaint against him for his lack of timeliness on the accepted offer notice, which could get him fined. It’s like we’re adults or something…

So back to the house hunt for us. It is fun to look at so many houses, but can easily get frustrating with how time consuming it is. We’ve been toying with different thoughts regarding what we should go for too – more of a fixer upper, a nice but smaller starter house, or stick with the family ready size we’ve been looking for? Thanks to my mother, we’ve even started considering building. Building isn’t something I thought we’d want to do until it was the opportunity to build our absolute DREAM house – something we won’t likely be able to afford until quite a ways down the road – but it is a possibility, and might be a fun project… [famous last words, I’m sure].

Anyone have a house building experience that WASN’T an absolute nightmare? Most stories I’ve heard lean towards the “horror” genre, but apparently not terrifying enough to scare me away yet…

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2 Comments on The House Hunt: Part 2 – Mourning and Moving On…

  1. Jennifer
    1 April, 2014 at 8:32 pm (5 years ago)

    We are building our first/last home right now. But both of us are very easy going and laid back and willing to compromise for the budget and aesthetics when we need to. Plus we’re doing it ourselves so we have no general contractor to screw it up for us. If you can get along, and he doesn’t care, or you can always be right, then you’re probably good to go! hehe. Otherwise, what I think the killer can be are the disagreements about what should be/could be. ;-) good luck!

    • Sarah
      2 April, 2014 at 8:22 am (5 years ago)

      I agree about the disagreements! We watched the HGTV show “House of Bryan” where this guy who is a contractor builds his dream home, and then a dream cabin, and it shows him and his wife working together. Most of the time I was yelling at the TV at his wife, lol! That’s also great that you guys are able to act as the general contractor. There’s a company around here called UBuildIt – sounds kind of cheesy, but it’s meant to keep you as the general contractor and they act as sort of a consultant. Can’t wait to see pictures and hear more about your guys’ place as it continues to come together!


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