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About Sarah/ndipity

About Sarah:

Engagement Picture - My fiance and I

My fiance husband Pat and I. Our life isn’t normally anywhere near this brazenly romantic, I promise.

I’m an almost mid-20s recent college grad beginning my career and entering the “adult” phase of my life (can we really call it the “adult” phase if I don’t exactly intend to ever really grow up?). Two important things: I’m engaged a newlywed. And I’m an equestrian. (That should signal to you that if you hate weddings houses and horses you should probably leave right about now.) I’m excited to marry the love of my life next this year and in the meantime I’m trying not to go gray, bald or downright crazy planning this shindig of a wedding. I’ve survived the planning and execution of our wedding, but I will admit that I’m glad it’s over. It was an awesome experience that I’m glad that I intend to only have once in my life. :) I’m thrilled to be Mrs. Doran and now we’re on to the next…house? babies? we’ll see where life take us.

Enjoying one of Wisconsin State Fair's famous cream puffs.

Enjoying one of Wisconsin State Fair’s famous cream puffs.

In addition to the man I love, I’ve recently entered a love affair with the sport of polo. (To answer the typical questions that usually follows this statement… No, I don’t mean water polo. Yes, on a horse.)

I’m a born and bred Wisconsinite who refuses to admit that she’s slightly lactose intolerant while living in the dairy state. Although I love to travel, I love where I live and the great things about my little part of the world, especially the mix of city and country. The theater-dork, shopping-loving, foodie part of me yearns for the city every once in a while, but I do tend to favor my country music-singing, amateur agriculture-nerd, cowgirl side.

My friends Mary, Sarah and I. Don't you like our hair mustaches?

My friends Mary, Sarah and I. Don’t you like our hair mustaches? We think we look distinguished.

About my quest to find “Sarahndipity“:

I think of the term serendipity as the ability to recognize the good in the bad, the success in the failure, and the destiny in the things not sought for. So many things in my life have not gone the way I’ve planned. But I can’t exactly say I’m disappointed. I’m a planner – “Type A,” if you will – but in my life there have been so many wonderful discoveries, so many happy accidents, that I’m determined to let go a little. I will take a breath, set my sail and take some risks to see where the wind takes me.

“Vital lives are about action. You can’t feel warmth unless you create it, can’t feel delight until you play, can’t know serendipity unless you risk.” 

Joan Erickson