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Not Destroyed

I’ve wanted to get the chance to sit down and write about a few things lately (lots going on!), but with the loss and tragedy that has happened this past week in Boston and West, Texas it’s hard to focus on anything else.

Both events seem like something that can only be imagined in a movie – an entire community in Texas is digging through rubble trying to find the dead and wounded after a horrible accidental explosion, and an entire major metro area is on lockdown while police search for a remaining suspect (who is only 19…still a teenager!) who had so much hate in his heart to kill and injure so many innocent people.

My prayers are with those who have been affected and all of the brave first responders working to keep people safe. The only thing I can do is to hope the communities affected by these tragedies can pull together, find comfort and strength in each other, and start to heal.

鈥淲e are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.鈥 2 Corinthians 4:8-9

Skip the wedding. Let’s get to the honeymoon.

Our wedding is nowhere near done being planned, but now that we have most of the major things at least reserved I’m excited to turn my attention to planning our honeymoon.

Totally horrible confession: Pat and I haven’t been on a vacation for vacation’s sake since we’ve been together. We have had the chance to travel together a bit, but it’s always been with other people and for a reason. Indianapolis – driving a Penske truck for our friend who is a high school marching band director for a competition of theirs. We shared the cab of the truck with another of our friends and we shared the whole trip with 200+ high school students and their parents and other chaperones. Denver – with Pat’s family for his grandpa’s funeral and to visit family there, but we did get an afternoon to ourselves to go explore. Montana – again with Pat’s family to visit more family and for his grandparents’ anniversary/birthday/family reunion celebration. I’m excited to really get away together ALONE for the first time – now we just have to pick where to go.

Last night we were talking about where it is we would want to go and what we’d want to do, and it made me wonder – will we get bored on a beach just relaxing? I’ve been to Mexico once, but it was only for 3 days and we packed a lot of activities into it. Pat went on a sailing trip in the聽Caribbean with Boy Scouts when we was a teenager, which was obviously packed with activities. My absolutely favorite trip was to a dude ranch where I spent all week waking up early and doing cattle drives. Pat is the “I enjoy myself most when I’m working” type of guy, too. I think we’ll both enjoy the opportunity to laze on a tropical beach, but I wonder if we’ll really LOVE it.

What are your thoughts on what type of honeymoon trip to take? Are you the active type, but you still enjoyed a relaxing beach honeymoon after all the craziness of a wedding? Or did you go crazy doing nothing on a beach? Did you do an active honeymoon and feel even more exhausted after just coming off the wedding chaos or were you able to enjoy it? Any insight is greatly appreciated!

Understanding the Introvert

I will admit that I tend to be an introvert. When you first meet me I can be hella awkward. Heck, I can be hella awkward once we’re bffs, too – but by then you’re stuck with me and you have no choice in the matter, so what’s it to you?

Anyways, I tend to open up once I get to know someone, but I will apologize here and now to the world for my introverted awkward behavior that will precede that.

In the meantime, I will embrace and celebrate my inner monk seal [side note: they are adorable!]…


Run, Little Rhino, Run


This is adorable and inspiring.

And I can’t but help feel a little bad for little Rhino since we all probably know he or she will never look exactly like the studly/babe-a-licious Unicorn.

Don’t worry little Rhino – that Unicorn is totes photoshopped. No one’s horn is naturally聽that straight and pointy.

July Birchbox

Holy crap! It’s September October?! So, about that keeping up with blogging….yeahhhh… *tugs at collar*

But I swear I’ve been out having adventures, I promise! So hopefully now that the summer has slowed down (I’m still mourning the fact that it’s officially fall) I’ll actually have time to recap and write about all those adventures.

July Birchbox

Back to the topic at hand – I promised you guys some updates on my first Birchbox delivery and my mission of embracing my girliness… Well, I’m happy to report that over the last month I’ve actually painted my nails TWICE. That’s right people – be impressed.

Here’s the haul I got from my first Birchbox: (more…)

Getting My “Girly” Groove Back

Girly Kitteh

Even this kitteh has more style than I do. source

Growing up I was a total princess – literally. Sarah means “princess” in Hebrew and that’s what my mom always called me. I did ballet, loved horseback riding and was never really interested in any other sports. I loved anything pink, sparkly and with ruffles.

I was also a total “daddy’s girl” and my dad loved that I was girly, but poor guy – you could tell he didn’t know what to do with it. He tried getting me interested in different sports, but it never took. He did however pique my interest with the adventures we’d take. We’d explore the state and national park hiking trails, go rock climbing, atv-ing, shooting and fishing. I think as I grew up his influence made me into more of a “low maintenance” princess.

I enjoy being low maintenance – if I could, I’d wear bootcut jeans, a tank top and boots (or flip flops – depending on the weather/situation) everyday. I prefer to let my hair air dry straight or throw it into a bun or a french braid to keep it up and out of my face. I let my hair grow long and only cut it probably once a year. Tinted moisturizer and mascara with a little bit of blush is my make-up of choice. As for jewelry, I pretty much only wear either pearl or cubic zirconia studs and my engagement ring every day. And I can’t remember the last time I painted my nails.

And recently my fiance even noticed and asked why I don’t do more girly things like paint my nails or do my hair – which made me feel like a total. girl. fail. (And bless his heart, he tells me I’m beautiful with no makeup all the time – he really was just wondering.) To be honest, I’m intimidated by it. I don’t even know what to do with most make-up and accessories – or I think it looks totally silly on me.

BirchboxBut I’ve made it a goal to be more adventurous with my girly-ness and one thing I’ve decided to do is to sign up for the monthly subscription from Birchbox. For $10 a month, you’ll get a box of top-notch聽beauty and lifestyle product samples to try out delivered to your mailbox. I know a few people that have been getting the boxes for a few months now and I have been totally jealous of the loot they’ve gotten. It’s a great deal. You even get points to put towards a July Birchbox Boxproduct purchase if you review the products on their site or refer friends.If you even think you’d be interested in it, I recommend to sign up now – there is a waiting list and it can take a few weeks to get a notice that you’re allowed to officially subscribe.

I got my July box right after I returned from Montana – stay tuned for some reviews!

Back to Reality

In short, our trip to Montana was amazing. The ranch, the ridiculously hot weather, the scenery, the family time, the cow manure –聽I enjoyed every bit of it. We were only there for 6 days, but it felt like so much longer because it felt like work was a million miles away, but at the same time being there felt like home. (Also, I got to check some things off my 101 in 1,001 list!)

Pat and I stopping for pictures on the ridge near his Grandpa's ranch

We stopped to take pictures on the ridge near his Grandpa’s ranch on our way to town. Ignore my crazy collar bones and his sleepy/confused look.

But now I’m back to reality and faced with my ever increasing to-do lists (especially for the wedding!). However, I think I’m getting my motivation mojo back and am ready to get
things done. (more…)

Bad, Bad Blogger!

I know, I know…I’m a bad girl. I’ve been a tad (read: majorly) absent from writing lately. I’ve put about a dozen ideas into my drafts list, but just haven’t had the chance to actually sit down and write anything for the past few weeks.

Birthday HatBut I have been a busy bee. Last Saturday was my birthday (the proof? I had to got to wear the birthday hat at work) and now I’m just a tick away from reaching my quarter-life crisis, which I’m sure will hit in conjunction with crunch time of wedding planning next summer. Also, Pat and I are preparing at work and at home to disappear for 10 days to trek West and spend a week in Montana visiting his family.