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Well, hello there friends. Or strangers. (Of which I hope to soon be friends.)

Forgive the Mr. Rodgers style start to this blog, but after drafting and crafting so many blogs for various clients in my time (albeit only a short time) in PR and marketing, I wasn鈥檛 quite sure how I would even begin a blog of my own.

But I think it鈥檚 well past due that I take the time to write for myself, and what better time to kick that off than on the brink of a new year.

I saw 2011 come to an end feeling accomplished and excited for 2012. I have a degree, a job (and another new job…details to come soon!), an apartment and a ring :) that I didn鈥檛 start the year off with.聽I鈥檓 excited for the things to come in 2012 and excited to share them (hopefully regularly) with anyone who wants to stop by for a visit.

Happy New Year!

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